"Clients are begging me to join my coaching program!"
- Nikolina
"Just closed a new $1.5k client for my program!"
- Julia
"Just booked 2 calls with new prospects!"
- Cleo
"I'm close to hitting 7-figs this year!"
- Marianne
"The frameworks helped me build a killer program."
- Katarina
"BOOM! Just closed another $3k upfront client!"
- Archer

We Help Entrepreneurs Systematize Their Business And Regain Their Freedom

Build A Business That Gives You The Lifestyle and The Freedom You Truly Deserve

No matter what you sell, who you sell it to, or where you're doing business, one thing remains true: great businesses require systems and processes to grow and scale.

With thousands of clients and case studies across hundreds of niches, Impact School is the go-to coaching company for ambitious founders who want to get their time back and still grow their businesses.

Impact School Signature Programs

Our programs are designed to bring you to your desired end goal with clarity, confidence, and top-tier support at your disposal.


Ready to launch your online business but unsure where to start? In our Launchpad Program, Impact School's Master Coaches will help you clarify who you serve and how you serve them. By the end, you'll have massive clarity on how to approach your market and start increasing your income quickly.


Maybe you've launched and had some success, but now it's time to unlock your potential and scale. Impact School's Master Coaches work with you to create an irresistible offer, discover your unique "profit centers" in your business, and learn the skills necessary to crack the elusive $10k per month milestone.

Lead and Scale

For more experienced business leaders who are ready to infuse systems, automate processes, and build teams to remove themselves from the day to day operations of their businesses. We help these clients scale from $10k/month to $100k+ per month

We Help Businesses in Multiple Niches Grow Comfortably and Confidently

Impact School is known for its systems, processes, and hiring. No matter what type of business you run, we've got a playbook of plug-and-play solutions for you

"Lauren I can't believe this, I had a €105k day...thank you!

Lotte Ponger
Impact School Client

Coaching Programs

Pack your coaching program with new clients each and every month with our proven system for scaling and refining your program.


Take your clients from Point A to Point B with deadly efficiency, and get raving reviews about how transformational your program is.


Reduce churn rates and increase growth rates with our battle-tested playbook for scaling your membership program or website.


Fill your mastermind with a huge group of high-value members. We've helped multiple teams build the mastermind group they've always dreamed of.

Online Courses

Increase your prices, get your clients better results, and live the lifestyle you deserve by scaling your online course sales up.


Make your subscription product or program "stickier" to maximize client LTV, boost your revenue and improve your overall client experience.


Take your mobile app or other SaaS product past $100k per month with our brand new "Liftoff" framework for SaaS companies


Generate more sales conversations and close more sales in the DMs using our "Money Making Messaging Method" and build your own growth team.

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“I'm booking calls with great prospects and getting amazing feedback from the Impact School team. I feel like this was the BEST decision 🥳”

Cleo Oldham
Impact School Client

"Impact School Helped Me Achieve My Dreams"

From online coaches, infopreneurs, and even top-tier consulting companies,  Impact School has helped entrepreneurs in hundreds of different niches and markets create successful online businesses. With thousands of clients and case studies from across the world, you're in great hands with Impact School.

Testimonial Giver - Health and Wellness Coach

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Why Choose Impact School?

We pride ourselves on two things: helping you achieve the results you desire, and making you feel supported at the every step of the way.

Achieve Your Business Goals

We have more case studies than some consulting companies have clients. We guarantee results for every client that comes through the door.

Implement Systems & Frameworks

You're getting the best of the best tactics and proven strategies to help achieve your business goals, say goodbye to "trial and error"

Work Less & Make More

Whether you're at $0 or already past $20k per month, we have the framework you need to hit the next level regardless of where you're at now.

Get Top-Tier Support and Guidance

We don't just offer you templated, cookie-cutter solutions. We work with you personally to make sure you're getting the results you desire.

Let's Get To Work Scaling Your Business Today

The best time to reach out to us was probably a year ago, but the 2nd best time to reach out to us is right now. We're ready to help you scale your online business...book in a call with our team and let's get to work!

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