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Making An Impact While Making Millions

You’re ready to stop playing small and scale your business once and for all, while serving more people around the world for the price you deserve...

You back what you offer but you’re
tired of chasing leads, taking long calls, and doing repetitive client work that’s keeping you away from the things you love...

You dream of having a powerhouse team you can trust so can
get back into your zone of genius so you can double your profits (then redouble again)…

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Portfolio Examples

Gov Shop

Gov Shop's valuation increased by an additional $150M through structuring their subscription into an Impact Offer and hiring & training a sales team to sell their subscription. Now, Gov Shop (a data company) is valued at more than $250M and CEO, Raj Sharma, now enjoys spending time with his family and philanthropy projects.


Charlotte Pongers joined The Impact School Accelerator when YourFashionJob was making $20k USD profit per month and it was just her and a couple of VAs. 8 months later, and YourFashionJob is generating more than $500,000 profit per month and Charlotte has a full team running her business, empowering her as the CEO.

Let's Accelerate Your Impact

We support entrepreneurs whose companies have traction and are now ready to truly scale. Here's how:

Specialist System

Your lead generation and sales ecosystem will be fully setup by Impact School to guarantee a minimum of 3000 new leads per month. Plus, you'll get Sales Specialists (trained by us) added to your team who get paid only when they make your company money.

Operational Excellence

“Let systems run your business and let people run those systems.”
Your 1:1 Consultant builds all the systems for your business so you can sit in your zone of genius and scale.

Leadership & Team

You’ll follow Impact School’s guidance to hire an internal leadership team so you can truly sit in the position of CEO of your company and drive your business towards greater goals.

1:1 Support

We don't just offer you templated, cookie-cutter solutions. We work with you personally to make sure you're getting the results you desire.

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Impact School scales companies all around the world

After six months with Impact School, companies have doubled their profits and founders are able to sit in their zone of genius.

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