Micaela Parada
Impact School Coach

Micaela is one of Impact School's talented coaches. She specializes in helping clients simplify their businesses and helping others reach their full potential


Micaela empowers her clients to not only succeed, but understand how they succeeded. This is the key to consistent results. A student of success herself, Micaela studied Hospitality and Business Management in Holland and brings many of those insights to the table when serving her clients. Micaela specializes in simplifying complex business concepts and helping others discover and tap into their potential. She currently resides in Montevideo, Uruguay, but you might find her somewhere else in the world at any point, fulfilling her passion for travel.

Fun Facts

  • I'm a big foodie, love cooking but specially baking!
  • Getting a bit vulnerable here.. I'm irrationally afraid of pigeons.. truly scared 😳😂
  • I've lived in New Zealand, studied in Holland and planning new trips soon ;)
  • The ONE feature I would add to Whatsapp? A poll option for groups! How come it hasn't been done yet?

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Micaela Parada

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