Lara McIlwraith
Impact School Master Coach

Lara is an Impact School Master Coach, an expert in all things lead generation and sales, and has helped more than 900 businesses in her career.


Throughout her career so far, Lara has helped transform over 900 businesses. Yes, you read that right! Prior to her work with Impact School, Lara ran her own successful digital agency, and served as the head of sales for a multi-million dollar company. An expert in all things lead-gen and sales, Lara’s unique philosophies and no-nonsense approach are foundational to her work in helping clients generate revenue quickly and consistently. Lara currently resides in Northern Thailand where she teaches Insight Meditation on the weekends.

Fun Facts

  • I can unicyle... so naturally I feel like a superhero now...
  • I'm a really good dancer... like really bloody good... lol
  • I have a black belt in taekwo do and I'm a first dan wing chun practitioner...
  • I freaking love dad jokes! What do you call a fish in a bowtie? -- soFISHticated!

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Lara McIlwraith

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