Ajay Gangadhar
Chief Technology Officer

As Impact School's CTO, Ajay has played an instrumental role in developing new software and improving the tech capabilities in all areas of the company.


I am an easy-going person who always likes to go one step further. I like to trek whenever I get the time and love playing cricket.

I carry rich technical expertise with 10+ years of experience working with some of the major clients across the globe.

Always think in clients' shoes - that's my unique characteristic.

Fun Facts

1. I like sleeping more when I get time

2. I love skydiving - only done bungee so far

3. I like biriyanis and can go to any part of the world to eat

4. I am a foodie and like to eat good food.

5. Party guy

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Ajay Gangadhar

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Ajay Gangadhar
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