Anthony Curtis
Head of Client Success

AC is one of Impact School's Master Coaches. He helps clients achieve results quickly and with confidence.


Having coached hundreds of top-performing leaders over the last 10 years, AC knows what it takes to get you to the next level. Prior to his work with Impact School, he was the head of performance and leadership development for a nationally recognized institution with a team of over 100 coaches and consultants. He is exceptionally skilled in the areas of leadership and operations. As an experienced consultant and coach, he offers battle-tested methodologies from running his own successful practice that will accelerate your ability to build a business that runs without you. AC is currently based in the United States in Delaware with his wife and son.

Fun Facts

  • I am a HUGE comic book fan. I've watched every Marvel Comics movie the night it premieres since 2009.
  • In a past life, I was a drummer (and a pretty good one). I played for a few bands and even got to travel a bit!
  • I love music, particularly, film scores. I often encourage clients to listen to certain songs prior to entering an arena where they need to perform. Music has the ability to shift our thinking in a way nothing else can!
  • I once jumped out of a plane at 15,000 feet as a dare for a good friend's birthday. The thrill was unbelievable!
  • I am ridiculously in love with the Christmas season! I love everything about it, it's my favorite time of the year without a doubt

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