Helping One of Our Clients Make $24k from one simple tweak

Master Coach Anthony implemented a new event-based selling strategy for one of our clients, and just testing the new strategy made her an easy $24k!

Anthony Sowri

After building several of his own companies, Anthony is well-qualified to help clients implement strategies and tactics that drive massive growth.

What was the big “win” you helped this client achieve?

Helping a client plug in an event-based selling strategy for her offer that made her a near-effortless $24k.

What was the biggest hurdle stopping them from achieving this before?

Having the self-belief that she could do it was the biggest hurdle to overcome. Knowing that she could build her business the way she wants to, with maximum freedom and time flexibility for herself, working with clients in a way that gives her immense joy while creating impactful results… that meant everything to her.

What was the change that allowed them to create this result for themselves? In other words, how did you help them? What did you help them see/realize/understand?

She was able to quickly promote her live event, where she could sell her offer through an interactive workshop, helping her clients get breakthroughs at the event. She made an easy $24k just from “testing” this strategy and has gone on to implement this in her business since then. Of course, she needed to be given a strategy that was custom to her, her audience, and her offer, and that would be quick and easy for her to implement. But once she could see the roadmap and how it was laid out, she was able to go and do it. With our help, she was able to promote her event, sell the event, and host the event with an emphasis on giving clients massive wins.

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Anthony Sowri

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