Building A Winning Mindset and Creating Your Own Outcomes

Coach AC helped this client redesign her offer from scratch and close her first 3 clients in just one week after going through a year-long drought.

Anthony Curtis

AC is one of Impact School's Master Coaches. He helps clients achieve results quickly and with confidence.

What was the big “win” you helped this client achieve?

Helping her find and close her first 3 clients after over a year-long drought.

What was the biggest hurdle stopping them from achieving this before?

Mindset. This client had little confidence as a result of a bad experience in a previous program. There was a lot for her to un-learn.

What was the change that allowed them to create this result for themselves? In other words, how did you help them? What did you help them see/realize/understand?

For the first several calls, we discussed developing a winning mindset before we focused on her business at all. I helped her understand that she is creating the outcomes she’s experiencing in her life right now. Huge shift.

From there, we got to work on completely redesigning her offer from scratch and started doing some market research. After gaining some clarity on her offer and target audience, and a little confidence, she closed her first 3 clients in one week.

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Anthony Curtis

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