Building A $50k Program From Scratch In Less Than 90 Days

Coach Lara worked with 2 of Impact School's client launch a brand new program and drove $50k in sales in just the first 8 weeks!

Lara McIlwraith

Lara is an Impact School Master Coach, an expert in all things lead generation and sales, and has helped more than 900 businesses in her career.

What was the big “win” you helped this client achieve?

I helped one of Impact School's clients hit $50K in 8 weeks with a brand new program

What was the biggest hurdle stopping them from achieving this before?

A real aversion to sales, Liz had been networking her whole life but never had to sell directly, she knew this was the key but was really nervous, very worried about becoming a sleazy sales person

Also neither Liz or Kal had really cemented what they offered in their minds as valuable… which meant aside from not understanding how to position their experience and skillsets, they didn't understand how much it was worth.. so high ticket, $50K months seemed impossible.

What changed for them that enabled them to create this result for themselves? In other words, how did you help them? What did you help them see/realize/understand?

First of all, we had to gain a massive amount of clarity, so we began with market research into what the network they had was currently missing.. they were happy to admit they were wrong about a lot of what they thought, and finally had some data to take the lead and offer services and solutions that got people where they wanted to be, after all, the bottom line for Liz and Kal has been to help more people get sorted financially and have the kind of freedom they have…

Next we had to have a massive mindset shift on what their knowledge was worth… once I asked them the important but confronting questions about where or how someone would be without their help and in turn what exactly could be achieved with this help and without out… we began to see a new perspective, we had to answer the question, “why would someone pay $2K for this course?” Well it became pretty clear once we considered the journey they would begin towards financial security. At this point, Liz and Kal realised, they were not just good at what they do, they were essential cogs in a persons life to accelerating them towards financial freedom… this was explosive, we began with a $2k price point to ease them into the sales process… within 1 week, kal bumped it up out of pure confidence and realisation of value and the course sold multiple times at $3.5K… … now the presendence is set

Sales process was the other hurdle, so I loaded Liz with the confidence to have a conversation but limited her to certain topics to stay on track nd protect her time, we use a unique framework for her calls and created and easy to deliver and understand offer, we steered clear of anything tactical and sales… and liz converted 90% of her calls!

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