From Almost Quitting to Living Her Dream

Coach Micaela talked one of our clients off the ledge, helped her find her target audience, and become a successful full-time online coach!

Micaela Parada

Micaela is one of Impact School's talented coaches. She specializes in helping clients simplify their businesses and helping others reach their full potential

What was the big “win” you helped this client achieve?

From almost giving up on her coaching business dream to booking 5+ sales calls every week & consistently signing up clients!

What was the biggest hurdle stopping them from achieving this before?

She had no clear idea of who her target audience was and no systems in place to find and talk with leads. This created a lot of frustration and mental blocks that prevented her from reaching her goals and made her almost quit on her dream.

What was the change that allowed them to create this result for themselves? In other words, how did you help them? What did you help them see/realize/understand?

We first focused on getting a clear idea of who her target audience was and how to find them. Once we were clear on that, we developed a strong messaging strategy. In this stage, we provided feedback and suggestions to improve and refine her lead generation gameplan until it was fully optimized to filter leads and book calls. During this process, we also worked on cultivating an entrepreneurial mindset and overcoming the ‘imposter syndrome’ that prevented her from believing in her idea and worth. Now, she is able to stay consistent, have unshakable confidence in her offer, and quit her job to become a full-time coach!

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Micaela Parada

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