Helping A Client Drive $25k In Sales In Just One Day

Coach AC helped this client make her offer much more scalable, and on the first day of launching her new offer she made $25k in new sales.

Anthony Curtis

AC is one of Impact School's Master Coaches. He helps clients achieve results quickly and with confidence.

What was the big “win” you helped this client achieve?

Helping her close $25k worth of sales in one 24-hour period.

What was the biggest hurdle stopping them from achieving this before?

Prior to our work together, this client had a great offer but it wasn’t scalable. She was exhausted and couldn’t find the time to put systems in place that would allow her business to scale.

What was the change that allowed them to create this result for themselves? In other words, how did you help them? What did you help them see/realize/understand?

We discussed the long-term outcomes of staying in her current reality. That created a sense of urgency and from there, I helped her make a few adjustments to her offer and pricing.

With her newly adjusted offer, she went to the market with confidence and conviction. On her opening day, she closed $25k in total sales. Her goal this year is to reach over $1 million in revenue.

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Anthony Curtis

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