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Building A Winning Mindset and Creating Your Own Outcomes

Coach AC helped this client redesign her offer from scratch and close her first 3 clients in just one week after going through a year-long drought.

Helping A Client Drive $25k In Sales In Just One Day

Coach Anthony helped this client make her offer much more scalable, and on the first day of launching her new offer she made $25k in new sales.

From Almost Quitting to Living Her Dream

Coach Micaela talked one of our clients off the ledge, helped her find her target audience, and become a successful full-time online coach!

Building A Brand New Offer That Scaled Like Crazy

Coach Anthony helps one of Impact School's clients implement a more scalable offer and free themselves up from the day-to-day of running the business.

Helping One of Our Clients Make $24k from one simple tweak

Master Coach Anthony implemented a new event-based selling strategy for one of our clients, and just testing the new strategy made her an easy $24k!

Building A $50k Program From Scratch In Less Than 90 Days

Coach Lara worked with 2 of Impact School's client launch a brand new program and drove $50k in sales in just the first 8 weeks!

Coach Lara Helps Marianne Finally Reach Her First $100k Month!

Coach Lara helped Marianna implement more systems to scale her business, and for the first time ever she was able to have her first ever $100k month!