You're ready to stop playing small

and scale your business once and for all

You want to get back into your zone of genius

so you can change more lives around the world

You're open to bring on a powerhouse team

to double your profits (then redouble again)

Due to quality control, Impact School is looking for partners who…

→ Can deliver life-changing results for clients & want to serve more people around the world for a premium price

Are existing business owners, ready to go from putting out fires to accepting responsibility rather than pushing decisions to someone else

→ Are willing to work 1:1 with an Impact School consultant and execute on the steps that will guarantee you’ll ethically 2x your profits

→ Are hungry for success and building a company which makes a global impact. This requires leaving your ego at the door!


Outcomes By The End of Impact School’s 1:1 Accelerator

⚡️ You’ll be changing lives globally thanks to your Impact Offer, opening up more speaking and partnership opportunities for you

⚡️ You’ll have doubled your profits thanks to the Specialist System bringing in qualified clients for you around the clock and your clients getting such good results they send new referrals - our aim is to keep your profits above 70%

⚡️ You’ll have 3000-8000 new leads every month (guaranteed) so your sales calendar will be jam-packed every single week

⚡️ You’ll get a sales Specialist (they get paid only when they enroll clients into your business), trained by Impact School, placed into your company, who’ll enroll new clients for you, so you don’t need to do all the sales anymore

⚡️ You’ll be making a greater impact by working with more clients globally and charging a premium for your services

⚡️ And you won’t have to ADD any time to “do Impact School.” You’ll keep working hard but your focus will be clear and strategic to scaling with the guidance of your Growth Consultant.
These 2 videos show how Impact School’s Accelerator works in reality - Please watch at least 1 of them before your Interview
how does the impact school accelerator work?

The Three Impact Pillars We’ll Use to Scale Your Company👇

**97% of Accelerator applicants are rejected. Please forget what you’ve known about coaching / consulting programs from the past. With Impact School, you’re not just another number or just another lead. This is hands-on work we do together and we act not only as an advisor to you but we also do a lot of the work for you - you stay in your zone of genius and we stay in ours. This is a partnership. We want you to win because that’s how we win. If all you care about is money, this is not the place for you. You must be eager to double your profits through making an impact.

This page will help you understand how you’ll get at least 10x the value of the investment through working with us…

PS…You’ll begin by completing an in-depth business audit so we can immediately begin analyzing your industry and market to deploy the best strategies from day 1 (keep reading this page, you’ll see what we mean!)

Impact Pillar 1 — Specialist System [Lead Generation & Sales]
Impact Pillar 2 —  Operational Excellence [Impact Offer + GetImpact]

“Let systems run your business and let people run those systems."

You want to get out of the day to day grind so you can stay in your zone of genius and take your company to the next level, right…?

You’ll work 1:1 with your Impact School Consultant to integrate scaling systems in your business so your business can run without you…

Psst - all of this will be implemented in less than a week - it’s a very small part of your partnership with Impact School but these Systems will give your business the structure it needs to run like clockwork, even when you’re not there…

⚡️ You’ll have all the systems and structure your company needs so you can be certain that, for every lead or new client coming into your business, they’re getting closed or served. And, for every new project, it’s getting done and completed by your team.

⚡️ Lead Generation: you bring the expertise, Impact School brings the leads! We’ll run your primary lead generation campaign FOR you, so you get your time back and can focus on scaling (1000 new “dream client” leads per month GUARANTEED)

⚡️ Sales & Marketing Suite: you’ll get one simple software to run all your sales and marketing from. We’ll build your funnel, sales pipeline, and write your emails for you. You’ll have a dashboard which shows you leads/closes/cash collected, plus which people from your team are performing and which aren’t.

⚡️ 2x Productivity From Your Team - you’ll get your own company dashboard and productivity system so your task assignment, communication and results tracking happens all in one place (bye-bye to the endless back and forth on Slack/Whatsapp)

⚡️ Automated Client Onboarding: so you WOW your clients from the get-go without you needing to do a thing (ps, if this seems overwhelming as you’re reading it - fear not! We’ll be GIVING this all to you and working with you/your team 1:1 to integrate it into your business within one week)

⚡️ Seamless Hiring System: so you don’t have to stress about bringing new people on board, we’ve made the mistakes so you don’t have to!

⚡️ Client Retention + Referral System so your clients stay with you and spend more with you, all while telling other people they know.

⚡️ Client Success Systems: you’ll know where your clients are in the client journey, satisfaction surveys, progress trackers and feedback forms. We also give you all the automations you need so forms and surveys go out to clients automatically! Our client progress tracker will update automatically too, moving clients from week 1 to 2 without you having to do anything!

Impact Pillar 3 — Leadership + Team

⚡️ You’re able to sit in your zone of genius by now, with a capable team around you (no more “putting out fires”)⚡️ Your clients are being served inside your Impact Offer

⚡️ You’re getting consistent sales thanks to The Specialist System…Now, it’s time for you to step into Leadership and push past the growth ceiling most entrepreneurial CEOs get stuck at.This pillar is where you get to take advantage of the personal consulting and support from Impact School to empower you to go from “doer” to “leader”

⚡️ Your team will get trained by Impact School to bring in more leads, turn more prospects into clients for your company, and serve your clients at scale.

⚡️ You’ll have the mental clarity and energy to lead your company to becoming a retention-focused organization, because your Sales Specialists and Impact Offer will be running your day-to-day (so you get to work with your Growth Consultant on increasing the lifetime value of your clients)

⚡️ You’ll follow Impact School’s guidance to hire an internal leadership team so you can truly sit in the position of CEO of your company and drive your business towards greater goals.

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