We Specialize In Implementing Systems Into Your Business That Give You Your Time Back

Impact School works with entrepreneurs everywhere to accelerate business growth and say goodbye to 12-hour workdays.

Our Story

If you had to take a month off to take care of someone you loved...would your business live on? Or would it crumble without you there to handle the day to day?

When founder Lauren Tickner started to see massive success in her first online business venture, she began to notice just how hard it was to continue growing her business and still find time to enjoy the little things in life at the same time.

Now, Lauren helps entrepreneurs in multiple types of businesses hire A-players, dominate their marketing, and implement systems that allow founders to continue to grow while also getting their time back.

Impact School's Mission Is Simple...

We empower the world's best experts, service providers, and entrepreneurs by helping them build businesses that grow and thrive with or without them.

Achieve Your Business Goals

We have more case studies than some consulting companies have clients. We guarantee results for every client that comes through the door.

Implement Systems & Frameworks

You're getting the best of the best tactics and proven strategies to help achieve your business goals, say goodbye to "trial and error"

Work Less & Make More

Whether you're at $0 or already past $20k per month, we have the framework you need to hit the next level regardless of where you're at now.

Get Top-Tier Support and Guidance

We don't just offer you templated, cookie-cutter solutions. We work with you personally to make sure you're getting the results you desire.

"Impact School Helped Me Achieve My Dreams"

From online coaches, infopreneurs, and even top-tier consulting companies,  Impact School has helped entrepreneurs in hundreds of different niches and markets create successful online businesses. With thousands of clients and case studies from across the world, you're in great hands with Impact School.

Testimonial Giver - Health and Wellness Coach

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Meet Our Core Team

With dozens of years helping ambitious entrepreneurs combined, Impact School's team is packed with experience

Lauren Tickner
CEO & Founder
Noor V. Barrage
Chief Operating Officer
Anthony Curtis
Head of Client Success
Anthony Sowri
Impact School Master Coach
Micaela Parada
Impact School Coach
Lara McIlwraith
Impact School Master Coach
Maricena Garcia
Operations Manager
Ajay Gangadhar
Chief Technology Officer

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